After the attack of the British base in Tobruk, an ambulance crew of two English Army officers (John Mills and Harry Andrews) make their away across occupied North Africa in the company of two young nurses (Sylvia Syms and Diane Clare), back to British lines. The only thing keeping them going is the dream the beer – the ice cold beer – waiting for them on their return to Alexandria.

Along the way they pick up a South African officer (Anthony Quayle) with three bottles of gin and mysterious package. As he undermines them again and again, it becomes clear that he is not who seems.

Tense and claustrophobic, this film is a true classic and a study of human spirit and compassion.


  • Date: Sat, 6th Jul 2013
    Time: 5:30PM

Film Details

  • Year: 1958
  • Director: J. Lee Thompson
  • Running time: 129