A rousing, explosive caper, the Guns of Navarone brings together a stellar cast in a fast-paced film of action, espionage, close calls, and old-fashioned derring-do.

Captain Mallory (Gregory Peck) leads a team of Allied and Greek soldiers on a guerilla mission. Their mission, to destroy the German guns on the island of Navarone, which control sea-passage in the Mediterranean. Against all odds they infiltrate the town with the help of local resistance leader Maria (Irene Papas), and break their way into the heavily guarded fort. 

As their mission is increasingly dogged by German forces it becomes clear that the Germans are also getting help from within the resistance.


  • Date: Sat, 6th Jul 2013
    Time: 3:30PM

Film Details

  • Year: 1961
  • Director: J. Lee Thompson
  • Running time: 158